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Don’t be misled about the effects on water quality.

FACT: Beginning with route selection, NEXUS thoroughly evaluates all stream and river crossings located along the proposed pipeline route in order to identify the most environmentally responsible methods and locations possible.

FACT: NEXUS takes special precautions during construction to control sediment and erosion near streams and rivers.

FACT: NEXUS will be designed, constructed and operated in compliance with all applicable federal and state agencies' requirements for mitigation and monitoring of impacts to water quality.

Don’t be misled about the effects on drinking water.

FACT: The pipeline is made of high-strength steel with epoxy coating, and the natural gas is transported in a gaseous state.

FACT:Because of the depth of the pipeline trench – typically only 7 to 10 feet – neither pipeline construction nor operation will pose a risk to groundwater aquifers, which are typically located at much greater depths.

FACT: Natural gas is lighter than air, which means in the highly unlikely event that natural gas escapes from the pipeline, the gas can only travel up through the soil into the atmosphere where it dissipates.

Don’t be misled about how the pipeline will cross waterbodies.

FACT: NEXUS conducted investigations to support the engineering design of horizontal directional drill (“HDD”) crossings of certain sensitive resources located along the proposed pipeline route.

FACT: HDD is a surface-to-surface installation method of construction that is typically used to install pipelines in areas not amenable for open cut construction, including larger water bodies, highways, railroads, environmentally sensitive areas, and site-specific urban environments.

FACT: NEXUS prepared site-specific HDD crossing plans for each HDD proposed for the Project.

Don’t be misled about Category 3 wetland resources.

FACT: Category 3 wetlands were identified by wetland biologists along the Project study area during the extensive survey effort.

FACT: The NEXUS Project has been carefully routed to avoid impact to state-defined Category 3 wetland systems.

FACT: All above-ground facilities have been sited to avoid any impact to wetlands or waterbodies.

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