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Public Awareness

Pipelines are the safest, most efficient and most reliable way to transport liquid and natural gas energy resources. The NEXUS pipeline, located in Ohio and Michigan, is a portion of the thousands of miles of pipelines that Enbridge operates throughout North America. Our top priority is operating those pipelines safely. We work diligently to protect our underground pipeline infrastructure because it means our neighbors and employees are protected as well.

Through our public awareness program, we regularly provide pipeline safety information to the people who live and work along our pipeline routes, as well as public officials, emergency responders, school officials, farmers and excavators. It’s important for all members of the communities along our pipeline rights-of-way to:

Information on the general location of transmission pipelines and contact information for pipeline operators is also available through the National Pipeline Mapping System. Maps, markers and other resources should never be used to find the exact location of a pipeline. Always call 811 before you dig.

If you have a non-emergency question regarding Enbridge’s damage prevention program, integrity management program or operations in your area, you can call Public Awareness at 1-888-293-7867 or visit


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