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To reach emergency personnel for NEXUS 24/7, call toll-free

(855) 329-1781

For Excavators and Contractors

As an individual or company specializing in excavation, you work in close proximity to the network of underground pipelines and other utilities spanning the country. In the United States, more than two million miles of pipelines transport petroleum products and natural gas.

In order to protect you from expensive fines and repair costs, as well as from harming yourself or others, it’s important for all excavators to:

Read our Pipeline Safety and Emergency Information brochure for excavators and contractors working near the NEXUS Gas Transmission pipeline right-of-way.

It’s your responsibility as an excavator to make the one-call notification andnd—at all times—excavate safely. Our representatives must be onsite when excavation is taking place near our pipeline rights-of-way. If you strike a pipeline while digging, it’s essential that you notify us immediately by calling our emergency number at (855) 329-1781.

Maps, markers and other resources should never be used to find the exact location of a pipeline. Always call 811 before you dig.