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To reach emergency personnel for NEXUS 24/7, call toll-free

(855) 329-1781

In An Emergency

To reach emergency personnel for NEXUS 24/7, call toll-free (855) 329-1781.

Because of NEXUS’s rigorous pipeline maintenance, testing, training, monitoring and safety programs, a pipeline leak is unlikely. However, if an emergency situation occurs, we are prepared and will respond promptly in partnership with local emergency responders to protect the safety of the public and the environment.

It’s important for our neighbors to know how to recognize and respond to a pipeline emergency.

Responding to a Leak

Enbridge, the operator of the NEXUS pipeline, has an Emergency Response Program to promptly and effectively protect the safety of the public and the environment. In the rare case of an incident, we would conduct a swift, safe and thorough clean up under the oversight of local emergency officials and regulatory agencies.

What you should do if you suspect a pipeline emergency:

  • Leave the area immediately, walking or driving upwind of the suspected incident.
  • Do not touch, make contact with or breathe in vapors.
  • Do not turn on or off anything that may create a spark—including cell phones, telephones, two-way radios, light switches, vehicle alarms, vehicle keyless entry and flashlights—until you are in a safe location.
  • Do not attempt to extinguish a natural gas fire.
  • Do not operate pipeline valves.
  • From a safe location, notify the 24-hour emergency number listed above or on marker signs or call 911. Give your name, phone number, a description of the leak and its location.
  • Warn others in the area.
  • Stay upwind and do not drive into a vapor cloud area.

What Happens Next

Public safety is our top priority. Contractors and local emergency responders will work together to evaluate and respond to a pipeline leak. Local public safety officials will determine whether residents should evacuate or shelter-in-place. Residents may be asked to evacuate if it is no longer safe to be in the area or to shelter-in-place if there may be something unsafe in the environment.

Personnel from our control center may immediately shut down the pipeline. Trained emergency response crews will arrive to control the leak and repair damaged pipe. NEXUS and local emergency response units will work as a team to identify and solve the problem. We will work under the oversight of state emergency environmental agencies to restore the land and remediate any temporary damage caused by the leak.