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Foundation For Economic Growth

Energy infrastructure is one of the most important ingredients for long-term economic growth. The availability of reliable, affordable energy allows existing businesses to grow and expand their operations, and it helps communities attract new industries such as manufacturing. Thriving businesses and new industry are the essential ingredients that will fuel sustained economic growth in Ohio and Michigan.

By updating the region’s energy infrastructure and expanding access to affordable, reliable energy, NEXUS will serve as a foundation for long-term economic growth in Ohio and Michigan. This will not only help existing businesses to grow and prosper, but it will also enhance the region’s economic competitiveness by attracting new manufacturers and other large employers that rely on affordable energy to power their operations. Hardworking families across the region will also benefit from the availability of more affordable electricity and home heating, allowing them to save money and invest in other important priorities in their lives.

The region currently served by NEXUS is in the midst of a significant change in natural gas supply and demand dynamics. In light of recent environmental policies and a focus on greater reliability, the region is experiencing significant pressure to invest in natural gas fired electric generation. The pipeline is located in an area with some of the best reserves in North America and the path provides an opportunity to secure long-term capacity from local distribution companies and industrial load centers along the pipeline path.

Access to natural gas enables communities along the route to attract major industrial employers and provide low-cost energy to help their existing businesses thrive. These are the key ingredients for economic success in the 21st century economy, and that’s how NEXUS is helping to lay the foundations for long-term economic growth in Ohio, Michigan and communities across the U.S. Midwest.