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To reach emergency personnel for NEXUS 24/7, call toll-free

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Farmers and Ranchers

Did you know that in the United States alone, more than two million miles of pipelines deliver the energy supplies used to heat our homes, fuel our vehicles and much more?

It's important for those involved in farming and ranching along our pipeline rights-of-way to:

Read our Pipeline Safety and Emergency Information brochure for farmers and ranchers who live adjacent to the NEXUS Gas Transmission pipeline right-of-way.

We recognize that as a farmer you may be exempt from making a one-call notification before conducting certain farming-related activities. However, pipelines can shift over time due to soil erosion, deep plowing and other reasons. For your own safety and to protect your farmland, we encourage you to call 811 before deep plowing, ditching, fencing, installing drain tile, clearing land or other excavation-related activities.

Also remember that pipeline damage, even if that damage does not immediately result in a leak, should be reported to Enbridge.

Please contact us at (855) 869-8261 or email us if you have further questions on agricultural activity near pipelines.

Information on the general location of transmission pipelines and contact information for pipeline operators is also available through the National Pipeline Mapping System. Maps, markers and other resources should never be used to find the exact location of a pipeline. Always call 811 before you dig.