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Call Before You Dig

Calling 811 (U.S. only) or visiting is a simple process and it’s always the safest option anytime someone plans to move earth or disturb soil. Calling or clicking takes just minutes, and it results in a damage-free project 99 percent of the time. Always call or click before you dig.

Safe Digging in Four Simple Steps
  • At least two to three business days before excavating (depending on state law), simply make a call to 811 or visit
  • When you call or click, you’ll be connected to your 811 center where you’ll be asked to provide important details about your project, such as the type of work you’ll be doing, where you’ll be doing it and when your project will begin.
  • The 811 center will provide this information to pipeline operators and other companies with buried utilities near your work site, saving you the time and trouble of contacting them individually.
  • Within two to three business days, professional locators will mark the underground utility lines near your work site so you can work around them, saving yourself from possible injury or property damage.

To reach emergency personnel for NEXUS 24/7, call toll-free

(855) 329-1781

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