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Children Learn Through The Arts At The Sandusky State Theatre

The arts are a vital component of a child’s education. In fact, you probably learned the alphabet by singing it in a simple song. According to studies conducted by the U.S. Department of Education, introducing a child to the arts has a measurable impact on his or her ability to think critically and innovatively. Children with a background in the arts are more adept at problem solving and exhibit greater comprehension skills than children without.

The Sandusky State Theatre is a strong proponent of education through the arts, striving to provide accessible educational content to all students in Erie County. For seven years, the Children’s Theater Matinee Series has been providing fun and engaging lessons at no cost to Erie County students. The program typically sees 4,000 students per year. Past performances include Dr. Seuss’s “The Cat in the Hat,” “Maya Angelou: A Writer’s Legacy,” and “Young Abe Lincoln.”

But providing accessible, high quality content can become expensive after factoring in the cost of the show, staff time and technical fees. That’s why NEXUS Gas Transmission (NEXUS) awarded The Sandusky State Theatre with a grant to support the Children’s Theater Matinee Series.

“We’re committed to supporting educational initiatives that develop a vibrant community and a stronger community workforce,” said Adam Parker with NEXUS. “The Sandusky State Theatre is providing critical lessons through creative arts programming that helps to build the leaders of tomorrow.”

The Sandusky State Theatre is a historic landmark that enhances the lives of the residents of North Central Ohio by providing a variety of programs of artistic, educational and social value. Over the years, the Theatre has seen a number of stars perform on its stage, including Willie Nelson, Pat Benetar, Billie Holiday, Michael Bolton, Shirley Temple, B.B. King and The Dire Straights.

More than 48,000 people attend shows or special events at The Sandusky State Theatre every year, contributing an estimated $500,000 to the local economy. A study conducted for the American Planning Association determined that arts and cultural activity increases attention and foot traffic to an area, including attracting visitors and increasing the length of time and amount of money they spend in the community, therefore contributing to development.

Opening its doors as The Schine Theatre in 1928, The Sandusky State Theatre was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1928. Today, the Theatre operates debt-free and is working toward a complete renovation for its 100 year anniversary in 2028.

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