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Ohio Market Connections

The value of this route is evident as NEXUS has secured 14 connections in Ohio with local distribution companies, industrial users and power plants. The specific sites for the connections are driven by present and future market need as communicated to NEXUS by market participants. NEXUS shippers and potential shippers have made clear that they project future growth in gas demand and these tap locations are important to satisfying that projected demand.



In addition to these confirmed market connections, NEXUS is actively negotiating with multiple parties for future firm deliveries at multiple market connections. Access to natural gas will enable these communities to attract major industrial employers and provide low-cost energy to help their existing businesses thrive.

NEXUS is building the infrastructure necessary to deliver clean-burning natural gas directly to consumers across the region for cleaner electricity, more affordable home heating and new industry. We all depend on natural gas tomake every aspect of our lives possible and to support every sector of our economy.

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