Economic Benefits

The NEXUS project will have a significant positive economic impact on communities, businesses and workers throughout Ohio and Michigan.

In its first five years of operation, NEXUS will generate an estimated cumulative tax revenue of $412 million dollars, of which approximately $125 million will go directly to local school districts in Ohio and Michigan. In addition to benefitting schools along the route, the increase in tax revenue will also allow counties to make important investments in other key priority areas of local government such as roads and public safety – all of which improve the overall quality of life for the people who live in the communities where we operate.

According to economic studies performed by Michigan State University and Economic & Policy Resources, the construction phase of the project will generate 6,800 jobs, more than $650 million in wages, and $830 million in total economic activity. Like any large-scale infrastructure project, NEXUS will purchase a significant amount of goods and services from local businesses across the region – from transportation and construction companies to equipment and maintenance – which will provide a boost to these companies and their employees. Since construction workers will live, eat and stay in communities along the route, local grocers, hotels and restaurants in these communities will also see economic benefits from the project.

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Estimated Ohio Property Tax Revenue for NEXUS Gas Transmission Pipeline
Prepared by Public Finance Resources, Inc., June 2016

Estimated Michigan Property Tax Revenue for NEXUS Gas Transmission Pipeline
Prepared by Public Finance Resources, Inc., June 2016

Economic Benefits by County

Communities across Ohio and Michigan will benefit from the jobs, construction spending and annual tax revenue the NEXUS project will generate. The map below provides a snapshot of these significant economic benefits for each of the counties along the current proposed route.

Click on the shaded counties on the map to see the economic benefits the NEXUS project will generate for each locality.

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NEXUS Gas Transmission LLC, Draft Resource Report 1 – General Project Description, June 2015


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